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When you’re young you are told that you can be whatever you want to be. However, then real life sinks in and you can end up working to earn money rather than do what you’re passionate about.


Perhaps you have applied for the jobs that you want but don’t have the qualifications to secure the position. All is not lost, however, and you can gain a degree or qualification to enhance your job prospects at any time. You have complete control over the direction of your career and it’s ultimately your decision where this path takes you. Whilst it’s important to earn money to pay your bills you also need to set aside time to gain a degree or other qualifications that can offer you the career and job opportunities that you’ve dreamed of.

Take Responsibility

Nobody is going to hand you your dream job on a silver platter. You’re going to have to work hard for it. Think about what you want to do or see a careers advisor if you are having trouble getting a clear picture of what you want to do. Once you have it in your mind what direction you want to take, research what qualifications you will need to attain your goal. If you want to become a primary school teacher for example you will need to go to university and get a degree. If you want to become an electrician you need to get an electrical license through completing a TAFE course and apprenticeship. What you want to do will determine which type of qualification you will need to realise your dream. In order to do the above mentioned jobs you have to have these qualifications to even be considered for the position. However, there are some jobs that you can get without qualifications; however, having them will improve your job prospects. For example, if you were looking for an office job without a qualification you could get into an entry level position such as a receptionist. However, with a business degree you could secure a more challenging and senior role in the company. Some are not as clear cut, for example, in the area of nutrition there are certificates, diplomas or degrees. You might decide to do the full degree or study the certificate to get your foot in the door and expand your education further down the track.


If you are applying for a job and there are several candidates all applying for the same role, a qualification can set you apart from the other applicants. If you work in a competitive industry you need to look at how you can stand out from the crowd. You may need to get extra skills to get the job you want. If you are a graphic designer and also have excellent copywriting skills then you could complete a course to exemplify this. Look at what interests you have and see how you can combine it with your current role to make you more employable. Also look for what skills would complement your current job. Being multi-skilled sets you apart from the rest making you an asset to any employer. Gaining further education is often looked at favourably by employers.

The Only Way Is Forward

Improving and bettering yourself can open up more job opportunities. Your next step forward could be obtaining a degree or other qualification to expand your learning and increase your job prospects. You may spend 50 years or more working and you don’t want to stay stuck in the same dead end job for the rest of your life. Expanding your skillset through studying can open you up to new roles which may benefit you more financially as well as being of more interest to you. It also feels good to challenge and improve yourself. Doing something you love will make your work life much more enjoyable.

Financial Aspect

Whilst job satisfaction is important and money isn’t everything you want your remuneration to reflect the hard work you are putting in. Investing in further education could increase your rate of pay. This can help you reach other goals, for example, go on a holiday or save up for a house. Completing a course or degree can put you in a better position to ask for a pay rise if it’s backed up with hard work.

Stay Relevant

Depending on what sector you work in you may be required to keep your knowledge up to date if there are new developments. In some areas such as technology you need to be keeping your knowledge up to date to be a valuable employee. Keep your eye out for courses that will better equip you to perform your job to the best of your ability. Simply claiming on your resume that you are good at something isn’t going to be well received by prospective employers. Whereas a degree or relevant qualification can help back this up. You might write in your spare time but without the certification to prove it you may struggle to secure writing related jobs.

Online Qualifications

Think you don’t have time to go to university or college? Think again. With an abundance of online learning opportunities you can get qualified for your dream job in your spare time. University class times may not suit your current working hours. Understandably you need to work to earn money, and this can lead people to stick with the daily grind, never moving forwards. However, with more courses being offered online you can make your dream job a reality.

Other Skills & Importance of a drivers licence

Education based skills aren’t the only aspects employers look for. In a lot of cases prospective employers favour applicants that have a driver’s license for instance. Gaining your driving license can open you up to getting to workplaces in a larger radius. Employers may require you to travel and being able to drive around can make you more employable, it is also looked on as a benefit if you have attended driving lessons through a qualified school or learn to drive business, for example sprint in Melbourne. Never be afraid to expand your skillset even if it’s something such as getting a driver’s license.

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